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Fiber Network Outage

1/30/19: We’re currently experiencing an outage on our Fiber connection. About 30 customers are affected by this. We are currently working on resolving this issue. 6:38pm UPDATE: The outage has been resolved.

12.12.18 – Bay Area High Speed Wireless Outage

UPDATE: As of 11:30AM, all services have been restored. We experienced a distributed denial of service attack that caused a saturation of our available bandwidth and have instated network policies to neutralize the threat. At roughly 10:30AM, we began experiencing an...

12.3.18 – Mail Outage due to UPS Failure

At 7:30AM, on December 3rd, one of our UPS units failed which caused an outage across our mail system. At 8:12AM, we replaced the failing UPS and all services have been restored. If you are still experiencing issues related to your mail, contact support.

9.12.18 Neighborhood Phiber – Maintenance

We will be performing some intrusive maintenance this evening between 1-3am. There may be service interruptions at this time and we expect the maintenance to take no longer than 1 hour.

8.16.18 – Albany Phiber Outage

Update: We expect the outage to be resolved in the next 5 hours, or by 4PM. We are currently experiencing an outage for our Phiber service that may be impacting customers in Albany. We do not currently have a estimated time for repair but will update as soon as we...

Outage Affecting Customers in the Oakland Central Office

Update: As of 11:25AM, the network outage has been resolved. If you’re still experiencing issues, please be sure to powercycle your modem/router, and if that doesn’t resolve it, contact us. We are currently experiencing network difficulties with some of...