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Bay Area Point To Point Internet

LMi.net is proud to offer point to point wireless internet as an alternative to wired internet services such as DSL, Cable, and Fiber.


All LMi.net wireless service is professionally installed. We will come to your home or business on a day convenient for you, mount the radio dish on your roof, and run cabling inside for you to connect to your computer, ethernet switch, or router.

Why Pick Wireless?

Our Wireless Internet service offers high speed bandwidth which is not impacted by the wiring infrastructure in your area. This can bypass potential availability problems with our other services or with other providers! The only requirement is line-of-sight to one of our radio towers, contact us if you are unsure what this entails.

Same Great Company

At LMi.net, we care about your privacy and ensure that none of your data is shared. The same is true of all of our services and just as with any of our other internet options, you get the same great local support!

Residential Plans

Business Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

*What does Burstable speeds mean?

Our wireless service plans are burstable in nature and thus are not designed to maintain maximum burst rate over a sustained period of time. Downloading a large file or watching a streaming movie is not considered sustained usage. Running a BitTorrent client at all times, or using a camera to continuously upload video is considered sustained usage. In most cases, the software used in these applications can be configured not to use all available bandwidth.

How long does it take to deliver service?
Delivery of our wireless internet service requires an appointment for professional installation. Appointments are typically made 3-5 business days out from the order confirmation.
What is your cancellation policy?

Just like our other internet services, our wireless internet has no contract giving you freedom and ensuring that you’re staying with us because you’re happy with our service and not due to contractual obligation.

What about my landline phone?
Our wireless internet service does not have a landline however it does have the option of utilizing a VoIP system.
Will weather affect my signal?
The equipment we use for our service is incredibly resilient and barring any heavy weather which physically moves the receiver, weather should not impact your service.

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