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PHLO to Phiber FAQ


What is a VoIP line? Will my current phones work?


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is phone service that works over your internet connection instead of over the copper phone lines. Our Phiber service provides a standard phone jack so all of your current phones should be fully compatible.


Are alarm systems and fax machines compatible with VoIP phone service?


Generally speaking, no. If you have an alarm system, contact your alarm provider before upgrading to Phiber to make sure your alarm will still work. Most alarm companies can upgrade your alarm system to work independently of a phone line. Fax machines are not compatible with Phiber/VoIP service. 


Will my phone work if there is a power outage?


No, if the fiber optic modem (ONT) loses power neither your phone or Internet will work. You can purchase a battery backup (UPS) to provide power to the ONT in the event of an outage. This will enable your phone(s) to work for as long as the battery in the UPS lasts. LMi offers a UPS which can power the ONT for up to 7 hours. 


Can I keep my same phone number?


Yes! We can transfer your current landline number into our Phiber service. If you have phone service will LMi already this can be done within 24 hours of your installation. If you are transferring a number from another provider it can take up to 7-10 business days. Do not cancel your service with the other provider until LMi confirms your phone number has transferred. 


What equipment is required for Phiber? Will my same router work?


You will need a gigabit router to connect to the Phiber service and provide WiFi. Any standalone gigabit router will be compatible with this service. DSL or Cable Modem/Router combination units may not be compatible with Phiber. If you are unsure if your router will work with the service contact our support team and give us the model number of your router and we can tell you.


Do I need to be home for the installation? What will you need to access?


Yes, you do not need to be there personally but we do need someone 18 or older to be home to facilitate access to your space and guide our install team. We will need to bring a new fiber optic cable into your home from the street. To do so we will need access to your yard and any rooms inside the home between the exterior and the room you want the service installed in. We may also need access to any wiring hubs, phone closets (MPOE) or utility rooms on the premises to complete the install.


Let us know if you have any other questions