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Web Hosting through LMi.net

We are proud to be able to offer a local web hosting solution for our community. Our premium web hosting services is fully featured and capable of meeting any number of needs for personal or business purposes.

Wordpress Integration

We make it easy to get set up for whatever your needs are. Whether it’s bringing over an existing site or creating one from scratch, we give you the tools necessary to bring your message to the internet!

SQL Database

Our servers support MySQL databases, the most popular Open Source SQL server which grants script writers database management
facilities for your website.


We’re extremely proud of the level of support we offer for all of our services, and our web hosting services are no different. It can be daunting to get started and terrifying for your site to break. We’re here to help, and we mean it with our knowledgeable technical support ready to answer your calls or emails.



Website Transfer

  • Need to transfer your existing website to our servers?
  • Let us know and we can get acquainted with your existing configuration and provide an estimate for labor.
  • We bill at $120 per hour of labor required to transfer your existing website, media, and information to our servers and ensure that it’s fully functional and ready to go.
Can you design my website for me?
While we do provide extensive support for our users in troubleshooting complex issues to simplify the use and design of your website, we are unable to offer full fledged website development.
Need to register a domain?
Check out our Domain Name Registration services!
Need additional Email services?
Check out our Email Services!

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