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Network Status

We will provide updates to any widespread or building related outages here
Think you may be part of an outage not listed here? Contact Us!

All Systems Operational – Dec. 8th

All LMi.net services are currently operational. Please let us know if you believe you are part of an unreported outage. We will be sure to look into any and all potential outages and let our customers know.

11.14.2017 – Legacy DSL Outage

UPDATE (11.14.2017 3:00pm) The outage affecting our legacy DSL customers has been resolved. If you are continuing to experience issues, we recommend restarting your equipment or giving our support line a call. Tuesday, November 14   LMi.net is currently experiencing a...

Don’t give out your password!

Many of our customers have gotten emails that purport to be from LMi.net, which ask you to provide your email password, or direct you to a web site where you can enter your password. These are phishing scams, and under no circumstances should you respond to these messages. The only person that needs to know your email password is you!


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