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Network Status

We will provide updates to any widespread or building related outages here

All LMi.net systems are currently operational. Please let us know if you believe you are part of an unreported outage. We will be sure to look into any and all potential outages and let our customers know.

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Phishing scam warning

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Many LMi.net email customers received a phishing email today with the subject “Important notice”

The message claims to be from the LMi Technical Support Team, but is just a scam to get you to click a link that would take you to a fake LMi webmail page, where you would be asked to type in your email password.

We know that most customers are aware that you should never give out your email password to scammers like this, but we just wanted to alert you to this recent phishing attempt. LMi.net will NEVER send you an email asking you to login to a web page with your email password.

Updates to Let’s Encrypt Security Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is the certificate issuer used by LMi. As of 9/30/2021, the root certificate Let’s Encrypt used for compatibility with older devices has expired. Users running older versions of macOS and Windows are likely to encounter a warning about an expired root certificate. To get around this issue, you’ll need to update your device’s operating system and/or web browser. If that is not possible, you’ll need to click though the error to access your website and/or email. On some web browsers, you may see something similar to an “Advanced” button and then a “Proceed” button or “Add security exception”. For Email clients, you may encounter a dialog box with the option to “Always Allow certificate,” in which case then click “OK” or “continue”.

Don’t give out your password!

Many of our customers have gotten emails that purport to be from LMi.net, which ask you to provide your email password, or direct you to a web site where you can enter your password. These are phishing scams, and under no circumstances should you respond to these messages. The only person that needs to know your email password is you!


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