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Hosting from LMi.net

We offer a slew of hosting options and services to meet a range of needs.

Web Hosting

Our premium Web site hosting offering the features and capabilities needed by businesses who are developing dynamic web site that require the power of an SQL database for rapid content delivery.

Server Colocation

You provide the CPU, pre-configured, and LMi.net plugs you straight into our Ethernet network at our office in Berkeley, California (or at our partner location in Tokyo, Japan.)

DNS Hosting

LMi.net can serve as your domain name host so that you can be sure when a user accesses your domain, they’re getting to your server.

Domain Name Registration

LMi.net offers registration for your domain at competitve prices. Secure your domain name today for your website or to customize your email.

Email Services

LMi.net offers a slew of email related services to improve security, reduce spam, or any other number of applications.

Not sure what which service is for you?

Give us a call, our local representatives will be happy to answer any question you have!