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Phiber Outage 11-9-2023

9:45am : As of earlier this morning, some Phiber circuits around Edith Street in Berkeley have been having no internet due to squirrels damaging the Phiber cables. Estimated time of repair should be before the end of the day today.

Phiber Outage 10/13/2023

Yesterday (10/12) around 8:30pm, an outage began affecting multiple users on Josephine Street in Berkeley. We don’t currently have an estimated time of repair but will update this post once we know more. Update: Work is still ongoing to repair damage done by...

Brief outage this morning

10.10.23 – One of our upstream providers had an issue this morning that affected Internet access for a number of our users. This issue should be resolved as of 9am, if you are still experiencing connectivity issues please contact our support team.

Updates to Let’s Encrypt Security Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is the certificate issuer used by LMi. As of 9/30/2021, the root certificate Let’s Encrypt used for compatibility with older devices has expired. Users running older versions of macOS and Windows are likely to encounter a warning about an...

Understanding WiFi: Common Problems and Solutions

Understanding WiFi: Common Problems and Solutions                 As both an Internet Service Provider and business IT provider, LMi contends with a large number of issues related to WiFi on a daily basis. The symptoms of reported issues can vary greatly but the vast...