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All of our PHLO+ circuits come with built-in voice mail that can take messages when you are away from home, or on the phone. Your voicemail messages can be retrieved from any telephone, but you will need the voice mail PIN code that was setup when voicemail was first activated. If you have lost this code, here is how you can reset it.

If you have already activated the PHLO+ Voice Dashboard (online access to you voice messages), then you can just login at https://www.lmi.net/voice  Click the for PHLO+ Portal, then click the Settings link, then the Voicemail tab. You can change your Voicemail PIN here.

If you have NOT yet activated the PHLO+ Voice Dashboard, you will need to do this first. In order to activate, you must be next to your PHLO+ telephone to accept a phone call. Just go to https://www.lmi.net/voice and click the link for PHLO+ Portal then click
“Need to activate your line?” You will get a phone call with an authorization code, and you can proceed.

If you have activated the dashboard already, but have forgotten your password, then click the “Forgot your password?” link from the Dashboard login page. You will get an email (sent to the address you entered when you first activated) with instructions on resetting your Dashboard password.