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Outlook for Windows is a free email client for Windows 10 and later. It is made to quickly connect with Microsoft’s own email services, but can be used with any IMAP mail server like those used at LMi.

Outlook for Windows is installed by default on many new Windows PCs, or it can be installed using the Microsoft Store on any Windows 10 (or later) computer.

-When first opened, the app will ask for your email address. Type in your LMi address.
-Microsoft will try to find the correct setting, but they do not know about LMi.net, so you get a new screen with an “Advanced Setup” button. Click this.
-Choose the IMAP option near the bottom of the list. Click next.
-Enter your LMi.net email password.
-You should see the default IMAP server as “imap.lmi.net”.. This will work. If you don’t see any server suggestion, type in “mail.lmi.net”
-Secure connection type should be SSL/TLS
-SMTP username is your email address, with the same password. Server name should be “mail.lmi.net” and connection type should also be SSL/TLS

When the server info has all been entered, click “Continue” at the bottom.

-Outlook will need to sync your IMAP account. click Continue.
-You will be asked to share diagnostic and usage data. It doesn’t matter, but we suggest telling them no. Click Accept.
-Next there is an option to apply theme setting. You can either apply them or skip. We recommend Applying them, but it doesn’t really matter.
It will take a few seconds to sync up, but you should see your LMI mailbox over on the left side with all of your mailboxes,
If you need to change any settings, click the gear icon at the to access settings