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eM Client is a free email client for Mac and Windows. A “Pro” version with more features can be purchased.
When opened for the first time, you are asked to choose a theme. Pick one you like…you can change it later.
You may also get an opportunity to import data from an existing email client installation such as Thunderbird. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will skip importing.
You will next see the Add account screen.
If you don’t see it, you can get into it by:
  • Windows: Click Menu at the top, then the Add Account button
  • Mac: Click “Add Account” under the “eM Client” menu
Don’t click Automatic Setup.. Click the Mail icon below, and then Other, then Next.
  • Enter your email address in the Identity section. Click Next.
  • In the Incoming server, set type to IMAP and set server name to mail.lmi.net
  • Under Authentication, user name is your email address, Then type in your password and choose Next.
  • The Outgoing server is  mail.lmi.net:587 with the same username and password as for Incoming server. Click Next.
  • The account into will be tested, and if the tests pass, click Next to proceed.
  • For your name, put the the name you want to appear in your outgoing messages, i.e “John Doe”
  • The account name is a label of your own reference, but most people just enter their email address. Click Next.
  • Click continue without encryption unless you want to use PGP encryption. Click Next.
Click Finish, and you should see your mailboxes appear on the left.
Note: Be aware that the free version of eM Client is limited 2 accounts.