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As an LMi.net member, you know that competitive internet access and telecom service is worth saving. A recent petition submitted to the FCC by the US Telecom Association, representing AT&T and other incumbents threatens LMi.net and all other competitive carriers.

We need you to speak out to save competition today!

The details: The 1996 Telecommunications Act allows competitive carriers like LMi.net to rent bare copper lines from incumbent carriers, and to use spare fiber between cities. These critical “unbundled network elements” (UNEs) enable LMi.net to deploy equipment and provide our Phlo and Phiber services, and to backhaul our gigabit fiber service. UNE copper services enable our fiber deployment by allowing us to aggregate demand and serve members while we deploy fiber.

The bottom line: If the petition passes, it will eliminate the right of independent carriers to serve customers on copper lines, and to use fiber to connect our networks around the state. That would impair our ability to deploy new gigabit fiber service.

LMi.net remains committed to deploying gigabit fiber infrastructure, bringing fast affordable internet and telecom to all. But, it is critical that we stand together to fight for competitive telecommunications, and we hope that you will join us.

There is already too little competitive choice in internet access and telecom service, and if the petition is approved, independent carriers across the country will lose access to critical network elements, and consumers could lose their choice of providers.

What can you do?

LMi.net is fighting this petition, standing up for the interests of our members. You can help by visiting savecompetition.com to leave a public comment letting the FCC know why you value competitive choice and that you oppose the USTelecom petition.

Fixing internet access and telecommunications in America isn’t an easy task, but LMi.net is committed to that mission. Please help us by providing your comments to the FCC.