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SpamGauntlet is our optional add-on spam filter we offer to our customers.


Here are some frequently asked questions that you might have…

How much does SpamGauntlet cost?

SpamGauntlet service costs just $2 per mailbox, per month, with a one-time $10 setup fee per domain.
Each email address can have multiple aliases associated with it, so if “sales@” and “info@” go to the same mailbox, that counts as only one mailbox.

I still seem to be getting a lot of commercial email after signing up.

Many marketing emails will not be treated as spam because they:

  • Come from a valid email address and sent from a properly configured email server.
  • Come from a known “reputable” email marketing service such as Constant Contact.
  • Have a valid “unsubscribe” link in the body of the message.

We understand that you may have not intentionally subscribed to these marketing emails. However, these email should all have valid unsubscribe links that you can use to Opt-out of future emails.

Important note on unsubscribing:  if you click on an unsubscribe link and are asked to type in your complete email address, don’t do it. This usually just validates your email address with the spammer. Valid unsubscribe links almost always have the email address you were subscribed under imbedded in the unsubscribe link. Some services will show you most of you email address (missing a few characters) and then ask you to type in the complete address. This should be safe.

If messages still get through after unsubscribing, you cam always block their address using the blocklist in your spam console.

I’m still getting spam with the subject tag “[ADV]” 

Some marketing emails do not pass the tests mentioned above. These may be unwanted emails, but not clearly spam. For these messages, we just add the string “[ADV]” in front of the subject. This will make it easy for you to filter it our using your own local email software, or using our webmail filters. If you are getting desired emails with the [ADV] tag, you can always whitelist the sender’s email address.

How do I whitelist (or blacklist) an email address?

Any email address, or even an entire domain, can be whitelisted using the Console. Click on “Whitelist/Blocklist” under the Preferences tab. You can also block email addresses and domains here as well

I still get obvious spam sent to my address.

Please send us a support email, indicating the date and time the message was received, the email address it was sent to, and the complete Subject of the email. We can examine our logs and find out why is wasn’t treated as spam.

I don’t want to receive the daily spam reports.

From the Console, click the Settings tab. You can set the delivery frequency to Weekly or Never.

I don’t have my spam console password.

Go to the Console, Enter your full email address under Username, then click Create New Password. A new password will be emailed to you.

Someone sent me an email, but the message was blocked using Barracuda Reputation

Barracuda maintains a database of known spam relays. Most of the blatant spam our firewall gets is blocked before even looking inside the email. If this happens, the sender gets a bounce message that looks like this:

554 Service unavailable; Client host [mail-pa0-f51.somebody.com] blocked
 using Barracuda Reputation;

Almost all real spam does not come from a valid email address, so most likely no person will ever see this message. If a real person does see it, and that person is someone you want to get email from, we can add an exemption to our list, so future emails from this person will pass through. Just forward this error message to our support email address.

Please note that if a message is blocked by the IP reputation, adding the person’s email address to your whitelist will not unblock that IP address.