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Android Email

Many smart phones today are running a version of Google’s Android operating system. Examples would be the Motorola Droid phones and the Samsung Galaxy S. Although the Android OS allows you to use any number of email apps, the one that comes pre-installed on most phones is called simply “Email”. You should find this by opening the “Applications” icon if it is not already on your home screen.

  • When you first open the Email app, you are put in the new account setup wizard. This will ask you for your email address and password. Enter this information, then click “Manual Setup”
  • Enter the server type. We recommend using IMAP for accessing your email on smart phones. This way messages you send out will appear in the sent mail folder from you regular computer (assuming you use IMAP on your computer) or from webmail.
  • Enter our server name : mail.lmi.net
  • Enter username. This is this is you server login name. If you use an lmi.net address, the user name would be what is before the “@” sign. For example, for “fred@lmi.net”, username is “fred”. The password field should already be filled in with bullets from the previous screen.
  • For Security type, we recommend “SSL (Accept all types)”… This will change the port number to 993.
  • Leave IMAP path empty. Click next.
  • The SMTP server is also mail.lmi.net
  • Security type is SSL (Accept all types). Port should be 465. “Require sign-in” should be checked. The username and password are the same as for incoming, and should already be entered. Click next.
  • Email checking should be set to never for IMAP. It will connect when you open the app, and having it check automatically will drain you battery life.  However, you may elect to have it check automatically. Click next.
  • Give your account a name (such as “My Email”) and type your full name as it will appear on messages you send out.
  • Click “Done” and you are!