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Telephone Requirments

  • PHLO+ can use any standard analog telephone (not an IP phone). We recommend having at least one line-powered telephone so you can make calls in the event of a power outage. LMi.net sells basic telephones for $15 if you need one

International Calling

  • International calling disabled by default. You can enable international calling by contacting our support dept. International calls will be charged by the minute and added to your monthly invoice. To make international calls, dial 011 then the country code and phone number.
  • Our international rates are listed here

Special Numbers

  • 511: Transportation and traffic information. This is also free of charge, provided by SF Bay Area 511. Use this number to find out the traffic situation in your area.
  • 611: Select option 3 for phone service repair. Note: Please call LMi.net support first if during our support hours
  • 711: TTY relay. A service for the hearing impaired.
  • 811: Call Before you Dig hotline. If you are doing to be doing any digging or excavating, call this number to help insure no wires are cut in the process. See call811.com for details.
  • 911: Emergency Services. This should work as with a normal telephone service; this is not a Voice over Internet Phone product, and your access to emergency services is not reliant on your Internet connection.
  • 933: Emergency Services read-back. Plays a read-back of the address information provided to 911 Emergency Services. You can use this number to verify that 911 emergency services will have the proper phone number and address if you ever need to call for an emergency. This will also verify that 911 is active on your phone line.

Star Codes

You can access special features on your Fusion phone line by pressing the star key (*), followed by a number code. Here are some examples of what those codes can do:

  • *67: Caller-ID blocking. Dial this code before your outbound call to disable caller ID for that one call. Please note that there will not be a dial tone after dialing *67; simply continue dialing.
  • *69: Last-call return. This feature will immediately dial back the last inbound caller. This feature only works if the last inbound caller has visible Caller-ID information.
  • *82: Unblock Caller-ID will unblock outbound Caller-ID on a per call basis if your outbound Caller-ID is blocked by default. Please note that there will not be a dial tone after dialing *82; simply continue dialing. If you would like your outbound Caller-ID to be blocked by default please contact us.
  • *272: test tone. Turns on a high-pitched (1004 Hz) tone on your line.
  • *273: Caller ID info. Plays a read-back of your caller-ID information.
  • *72: Call Forwarding. Simply type this number and you will be prompted to enter the phone number you would like your calls forwarded to and press 1 to confirm.. A maximum of two simultaneous calls can be forwarded at any given time. All LMi Fusion voice lines support Call Forwarding. You can disable this feature by dialing *72 and pressing 1, or change the forwarding number by pressing 2.
  • *73: Disable Call Forwarding. You will be prompted with a message confirming the phone number you are no longer forwarding to.
  • *99: Voice mail.


3 Way Calling

Steps to create a 3-way call:

  • Connect with the first party.
  • Press “Flash” (or “Link”, or briefly hold down the on-hook switch.)
  • Wait for dial tone.
  • Dial the second number.
  • When the second party answers, flash again to reconnect the first party.


Call Waiting

When you are on the phone and an outside call comes in, you will hear a beep on your phone indicating an incoming call. Press the “Flash” button on your phone to answer the new caller while the original call remains on-hold. Press Flash again to go back to the original caller. If your telephone does not have a Flash button, you can briefly hold down the on-hook switch.

  • If you would rather NOT have call waiting on your line, you can disable it from the web interface.




Unwanted Call Blocking

We block incoming calls from certain automated calling machines used by telemarketers. These are typically illegal operations that do not honor the national Do Not Call directory listings.

  • If you would rather NOT have call blocking on your line, you can disable from the web interface.




Dial *99 to access the VoiceMail system. Or, you can dial you own number from anywhere, then press * when you hear your voicemail greeting. Once in the VoiceMail system, here are the menu prompts.

  • 1 Play New Messages
    • 1 Replay Current Message
    • 3 Delete Message
    • 4 Mark Message New
    • 6 Listen to Message Envelope
    • # Next Message
    • * Main Menu
  • 2 Play Old Messages
    • 1 Replay Current Message
    • 3 Delete Message
    • 4 Mark Message New
    • 6 Listen to Message Envelope
    • # Next Message
    • * Main Menu
  • 6 Manage Voicemail Options
    • 1 Change Password
    • 2 Change Rings
    • * Main Menu
  • 7 Manage Greeting
    • 1 Listen to Current Greeting
    • 2 Record New Greeting
      • 1 Listen to New Greeting
      • 2 Save New Greeting
      • 3 Record Greeting Again
      • 4 Main Menu
    • 3 Use Default Greeting
    • * Main Menu

Please note that voicemails will only remain on the server for 90 days.

Lost your voicemail PIN code?


  • We cannot accept collect calls (aka “charge reversal”). As an alternative to collect calling, we recommend arranging for a phone card.
  • No 976 or 900 toll calling. Our systems are not set up to reconcile all the billing involved in these systems.
  • Related to the unlimited national calling, we cannot support “10-10-321”-style toll dial-around.

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