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PHLO+ Service Policies

Below are service policies relating to our PHLO+ DSL service

  • Installation Appointments
    • After your PHLO+ service is delivered to your building, we contact you by phone and email to schedule an appointment to have an LMi.net technician come to your home or office to complete the installation (except for hotcut orders). If we do not hear back from you within 5 business days, we will start billing you for the service. You can cancel the service at any time, but you will be responsible for the installation fee and the service cost since the circuit was delivered.
  • Inside Wiring
    • We assume that there is a working telephone jack inside your home that we can use to connect the DSL router to our circuit. By working, we mean there is a connection between the phone jack and the MPOE where the lines come into your building. If we discover that there is no working telephone jack, you will be responsible for having one installed. LMi.net does not do this work, but we can refer you to a qualified local installer that can. If you choose not to have a phone jack installed and wish to cancel the service, you will be charged a $40 installation fee.
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • The DSL router we provide does have wireless capabilities, but we cannot guarantee that you will have wireless coverage throughout your house. We can, however, assist you in improving wireless coverage.
  • Credit for Downtime
    • We will give you 1 day of service credit for every day of downtime in the event of a service disruption. The exception to this is when the source of the problem is your inside wiring. We define downtime as the time between when you notify us of an outage and when the service is restored. We do not credit for “loss of productivity” or reimburse you for cellular data usage.
  • Hardware Replacements
    • If your DSL equipment is rented, or under warranty, we will replace it if it fails, but you must bring the equipment to our office to swap it out.
  • Cancelling Service
    • If you wish to discontinue service, you must do so by going to this link. Just give us your name and the date you would like to end service.