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We have noticed over the past year an inordinate amount of spam coming in from certain top-level domains. (a Top Level Domain, or TLD, is what is after the last period.. such as .com, .net, or .edu). The TLDs we noticed in particular were .CO, .UK, .EU, .ME and .US. So were wrote custom SpamAssassin scores that recognize these TLDs and allow you to optionally assign a spam score that would elevate the total score for the message that would insure the message be classified as spam. How SpamAssassin deals with spam is up to you – by default, it just inserts a string in from on the subject of the message, allowing you for filter it out using your own email client software. You can also use the built-in webmail filters to just delete the message.

Here are the custom scores we added

  • FROM_DOT_EU  (from anydomain.eu)
  • FROM_DOT_ME  (from anydomain.me)
  • FROM_DOT_US  (from anydomain.us)
  • FROM_DOT_COUK  (from anydomain.co or any domain.uk)

To add a custom score, login into webmail, click the Options link, and then Spam Filters. Af the bottom of the page, you will see a Score: field. Enter one of these scores, followed by a space, and then a score. Scores are digit.digit, i.e 5.0. Then click the Add New Score button. You will see the new score listed above.

By default, SpamAssassin will treat any message with a score of 5 or greater as spam.

Here is a screen shot showing all four of these scores added with a 5.0 value.