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If you are using our fiber optic internet service and experience an outage, here are steps that you can take to possibly resolve the issue:

First, determine if the actual fiber connection into your house is connected. If you are using the telephone line that comes with Phiber, then just pick up a phone and check for dialtone. If there is dialtone, then we know the basic fiber connection is working. If you do not have a telephone attached, then you can visually examine the fiber interface box (ONT). The POWER and FIBER LED lights should be lit up and steady.

If none of the lights are on, then it is usually a power issue. Make sure the black power cord is plugged in and the AC adapter is connected to a working outlet.

If the POWER light is on but the FIBER light is off or flashing, then the first step is to power cycle the ONT. This is done by unplugging the power cable, waiting 20 seconds,. then plugging back in. If the FIBER light remains off, you need to contact LMi tech support. There may be a physical problem with the fiber cable outside your home.

If the POWER and FIBER lights are on, but the LAN light is off, this indicates a problem with the Ethernet connection to your router. Check to make sure the Ethernet cable is secure at both ends, and that the router is powered on (you should see lights on the router)

If the POWER, FIBER and LAN lights are on (the LAN may be flashing) then the problem is likely with the router. The first thing to try is just power-cycling the router. It may take a few minutes for the router to come back online after being turned on.

If you are still not getting an internet connection, the next step is to do a “full reset” This is done by turning off both the router and ONT for 20 minutes or longer (it needs to be that long, unfortunately). Then, plug the ONT back in, wait 2 minutes (or until the FIBER light is lit) then turn your router back on.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, then please reach out to our support dept for help. Keep in mind that some connection issues are due to poor wifi coverage in parts of your home. This would have been a problem from the start, however.. This article is more for situations where the service suddenly stops working.