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We now have an on-line dashboard to manage many aspects of your PHLO+ circuit.

The dashboard is at https://www.lmi.net/voice  Using this portal, you can (among other things):

  • View and listen to voicemail messages left on your phone number.
  • See detailed phone usage.
  • View current modem sync rate and bandwidth graphs.
  • Increase your upload speed.

If you have not logged into the dashboard before, you will need to activate your line first.

Note: You must have a telephone hooked up to your PHLO+ line in order to activate. Once the line has been activated, you do not need a telephone to use it.

To activate, go the the dashboard, and click the “Need to activate your line?” link. Now enter your 10 digit phone number and click the Submit button. You will get a phone call. Pick up the phone and write down the 6 digit code that is read to you. Enter this into the Line Validation screen, along with a new password that you create. The Email field would be the email address that a new password would be emailed to if you forget your password.

If you have lost your dashboard password, click the “Forgot your password?” link. You will then get an email (sent to the address you provided when you first activated the line). This email will come from “info@fusionbroadband.com” and contain a long URL which you  must click on. This will reset your password, and you then must re-activate, which means you have to click the activate link referenced above when you are able to answer a phone call on your PHLO+ line.

Once you are logged in, most of the interface should be fairly self explanatory. There are help badges throughout the interface. The Settings menu deserves special attention:

  • Voicemail tab
    • Here you can enable or disable voicemail. If voicemail is enabled, you can set (or reset) your PIN code (for voicemail retrieval from a telephone), and change the number of rings before voicemail picks up (5 rings is the default)
  • Line Stats tab
    • Sync Speed – the current speed of your DSL connection, both up and down.
    • Profile –  You can adjust line profile to optimize download or upload traffic (default is download.)
      • note: upload optimized requires your DSL modem to be in Annex-M mode.
    • Bandwidth Graphs – will display actual traffic on the line for the previous 24 hours.
  • Line Settings
    • Disable Call Waiting (default off  <i.e call waiting enabled>)
    • Enable Caller ID blocking – hide your caller ID for outbound calls (default off)
    • Anonymous Call Rejection – rejects incoming callers that have caller ID blocked (default off.)
    • Enable Spam Call Blocking – via NoMoRobo (default on)
    • Call Forwarding – incoming calls are forwarded to the number you enter.
  • Account Settings
    • change the email address used for password recovery.


If you have not seen it, check our the PHLO Voice User Guide