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The SmartRG WE65ac is primarily used as a wireless range extender, which means it will pick up an existing wireless network and re-transmit it. The unit can also be configured as an Access Point, which means the unit is physically connected to your main router via Ethernet. This means that device does not need to be installed within wireless range of your router. The WE65ac is often placed right next the existing router, as the dual-band 802.11ac signal is stronger than most non-802.11ac wireless routers.

Here are instructions for setting up the WE65ac as an access point.

  • Connect a computer to the unit using the Ethernet port on the WE65ac. (an Ethernet cable comes in the WE65ac box)
  • From your web browser, go to
    You will be prompted for the admin password. This is printed on the back of the unit, as well as in the Quick Start Guide.
  • OPTIONAL: If you want to change the default network name (SSID) and password, click on Wireless Setting on the left and set the info for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • Click Mode Settings on the left, and set unit into AP mode
  • Click Apply.. The unit will restart. You will notice that all the status light on the front will remain on when in AP mode.