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Apple iPhone & iPad

The iPad setup is essentially the same as the iPhone.

Here are some tips on setting up your iPhone (or iPad) to work well with our mail server.

First off, we recommend converting the email client software on your computer to use IMAP instead of POP. IMAP will allow you to keep the messages you see from your email client software the same as you see on your iPhone. Click here for tips on converting.

If you use Apple’s email client (Mail) on a Macintosh, then setting up your iPhone is a snap- when you sync your iPhone to your Mac, then all of your email account setting can be transferred over. You may still need to change the outgoing server settings, however. If you are using smtp.lmi.net as your outgoing server on your Mac, this server will not work to send mail from the iPhone, because that server will only relay your mail if you are connected to the LMi network.

Here are the steps on setting up your iPhone or iPad to work with our mail server. These steps were made from an iOS 16 device.

  • Select Settings on the home screen
  • Choose settings for Mail, then tap Accounts
  • For a new account, tap Add Account, then “Other”
  • Click Add Mail Account
  • Enter your Name, Email address, password, and a description if different from the email address
  • Tap Next
  • At the next screen, select IMAP at the top, the for Incoming Mail Server host name use mail.lmi.net
  • Your User Name is the mail server login. If your address was “frankie@lmi.net”, then the User Name would be “frankie”
  • For Outgoing Mail Server, use mail.lmi.net, with the same login and password as for incoming server. (the password is NOT optional)
  • Click Next, and your account information will be verified. Make the slider switch on the next screen is on for Mail, then click Save