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How to Setup Your LMi.net DSL Service

Written instructions for setting up your computers to work with LMi DSL service are included with the self-install kit we provide when you sign up. If a professional installation is requested, the installer will make sure all of your computers can connect to the Internet before leaving.

You can also download detailed instructions for setting up our ADSL service:

  • Self-install instructions for your ADSL modem
    (typically for one computer, or for a router you provide yourself)
  • Self-install instructions for your preconfigured wireless router
    (Can be used to plug in via Ethernet, or to connect via wireless)

Most customers will find it easy to setup themselves, and be ready start surfing the web or check your email. If you hit a snag, our technical support team can walk you through it over the phone.

When trouble strikes, it’s often possible to fix it yourself with our step-by-step DSL Troubleshooting Guide. You may wish to print out a copy and keep it near your computer.

If you want hands-on help, or need a more complex setup (for example, a wireless network for your home office), we offer a Pro Install: one of our technicians will come to you, set everything up, and answer your questions. To schedule this, or for other questions, Call or email us anytime.