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Brand new fiber lines. Gigabit speeds.

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Brand new fiber optic lines brought directly to your home.

LMi.net can finally provide service separate from the utility lines owned by major telecommunications companies. This gives us a more direct means of servicing you and your internet connection. These new fiber lines will not suffer from the issues that older wiring has in the past and will provide improved reliability as well as blazing fast internet.

Speeds up to 1000Mbps for upload and download


Free Installation


Locally provided and locally supported


LMi.net will never sell your data and remains Net Neutral



Stream effortlessly on your favorite platforms. No buffering, even on new 4K content.

Cloud Services

Make the most of your cloud services. Upload and download without any interruption.


Brand new fiber lines to replace your aging, existing lines will ensure downtime is few and far between.

Always On WiFi

LMi.net is happy to offer enterprise grade WiFi equipment to make the most of your new Gigabit network.
*Introductory Pricing
Introductory pricing requires equipment rental. Residential plans are $49.95/mo after the first year or without equipment rental. Business plans are $99.95/mo after the first year or without equipment rental. Prices not including taxes and fees.
Taxes and Fees
LMi.net is required to charge taxes and fees for our services. This will typically cost an additional ~$5/mo
LMi.net offers the following equipment options:

  • Wireless Dual Band Router – $9.50/mo – Our Dual Band router allows for secure remote configuration and troubleshooting and ensures that you can make the most of your new gigabit fiber connection.
  • Always On WiFi – LMi.net offers a professionally installed, personally configured, and managed network with our advanced package. Costs may vary for installation depending on the size of your home or business. More info
  • Provide Your Own Equipment – You are free to provide your own equipment for our service. Please note that our ability to support and troubleshoot is limited to the devices available with our equipment rental program. Our promotional pricing requires equipment rental and if you choose to provide your own equipment, the service will be priced as $49.95/mo for residential and $99.95/mo for businesses, not including taxes or fees.
Phone Service?
This service does not include a phone service for your home or business. LMi.net recommends the use of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, such as Ooma if you require a telephone for your home or business.
How long does it take to deliver service?
Delivery of fiber internet occurs in multiple stages, first to ensure that the fiber line has been delivered to the premises and then to ensure it is wired internally to provide a signal inside. The typical time frame is 3-5 business days for the line delivery and then at your earliest convenience and first available appointment for the installation in your home.
What speeds can I expect?
Fiber internet provides burstable speed of up to 1Gbps symmetrically. This means that your speed tests can reach up to 1000Mbps on both upload and download. The actual test results will vary according to the amount of traffic present in your local area.
Contract and Cancellation Policy
We do not require a contract for our services and as such, we allow for our customers to cancel if they choose to do so with no additional charges or fees.

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