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State and Federal Taxes and Fees for PHLO+ and Phiber

California Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge$0.38
California Deaf and Disabled Telecom Program Surcharge$0.04
California Advanced Services Fund Surcharge$0.04
California High Cost Fund-A Surcharge$0.03
California Teleconnect Fund Surcharge$0.06
California 911 Emergency Surcharge$0.06
California Public Utility Commission User Fee$0.03
California Property Tax Allotment Surcharge$0.33
Federal Universal Service Fund Fee$1.86
Federal Subscriber Line Charge Fee$6.50
Local Records Service Fee$1.83
FCC Interstate Telecom Service Provider Fee$0.03
Voice Regulatory Recovery Surcharge$0.35

* Rates may vary depending if service is Business or Bonded.

Explanation of charges