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LMi.net, the Bay Area’s independent Internet Service Provider, has begun rolling out the fastest residential internet access ever available by utilizing fiber optics in many areas of Albany, Berkeley, Kensington, Emeryville, San Francisco, and North Oakland. This fiber optic network provides speeds up to 1000Mbps symmetrically, which can be 50 times faster than speeds provided by cable, fiber to the node, or DSL. LMi.net sees this new network as an incredible opportunity for anyone considering alternatives to large telecom service providers with restrictive and invasive network policies that may negatively affect network traffic and disclose customer usage. Additionally, it provides LMi’s existing customers, which include thousands of businesses and homes throughout the Bay Area, an option for the fastest internet access with absolute privacy. LMi.net’s President, Gary Morrell, firmly believes that, “by providing the fastest internet access, and respecting our customers by retaining the commitment to net neutrality, our customers will have the best options for both privacy and cord cutting, eliminating expensive cable and phone bills and getting all media and communication services from a high speed internet connection.”

The recent repeal of net neutrality has enabled unscrupulous companies to discriminate internet traffic, prioritizing their own platforms and sponsored content and stifling growth and innovation across the internet. Furthermore, LMi stands vehemently against recent business practices which treat customer data as a deliverable product to be exploited. By collecting private data about a person’s internet habits, companies can create a profile that accurately identifies anything from medical issues to political views, and sell that information to any third party. These are not theoretical situations, there are already well-known examples of customers being exploited in these ways, and recent changes in the law have cleared the way for a greater degree of privacy invasion and customer abuses without legal oversight.

LMi.net is a proud supporter of net neutrality and will continue to stand by its principles despite recent action taken by the FCC. “LMi.net will not monitor or sell our customer’s private browsing information, and we will not decide what they can or cannot access, or charge premiums for what they access,” says Morrell.

LMi.net is a Berkeley based, privately owned independent Internet Service Provider, as well as a provider of IT expertise and Managed Services. Additional information can be obtained at http://www.lmi.net.

LMi.net was founded in 1992.



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