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Opera is both a web browser and email client, available as a free download for Mac, Windows, and Linux. These instructions are for Opera version 11.5

To configure the Email client, open the “Mail and Chat accounts” interface:

  • -on a Mac, under the Tools mneu
  • -on Windows, press the Alt key to access the menu

then :

  • Enter your name and email address
  • Enter your login name and password, then select POP or IMAP
  • For both Incoming and Outgoing server, enter mail.lmi.net
  • Check Use Secure connection (TLS) for both
  • Click Finish

You should now be back at the Manage Accounts window. Select the new account you just created and click Edit…

  • Click the Servers tab, and set the Port # for the Outgoing server to 587

Here is a screenshot of the server settings interface using IMAP for incoming email:

If you are using POP instead of IMAP, the incoming server port will be 110 instead of 143