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Microsoft Outlook Express / Windows Mail

Outlook Express is the email program that comes with all Windows XP systems. Windows Mail is essentially the same software and comes included with Windows Vista.

  1. Open Windows Mail. From Tools menu, select “Accounts”, then click the “Add” button. Select Email Account and click Next.
  2. Enter your email address (i.e. “frankb@lmi.net”). Click Next.
  3. Select either POP3 or IMAP for server type. Read this if you are unsure what to select.
  4. Both Incoming and Outgoing server names should be set to mail.lmi.net. If you are going to be using this computer outside the LMi network, click the “Outgoing server requires authentication” check box. Click Next.
  5. Enter your email account login name and password. If you use the lmi.net domain with your email, your loning name is the same as your email address. If you use another domain, your login name would be whatever was requested when you signed up for the mailbox. Now click finish and you are done.

Although it is not required, we recommend having your email sessions encrypted with SSL. This keeps your password and other sensitive information protected when being sent over the network. To turn on SSL encryption:

  1. Open Accounts from the Tools menu.
  2. Double-click your email account to access Properties.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Under Server Port Numbers, check the boxes for “Requires a secure connection” for both incoming and outgoing mail.