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PHLO+ Internet

Our service brings you both internet and a genuine land line. We’ve simplified our service to prevent any confusion and provide a seamless connection to your home or business. We offer our service with no contract and with our widely recognized, stellar customer support.


Our PHLO+ service is a DSL service which can provide speeds up to 80Mbps. Your actual speed will vary depending on your distance from Central Office where your signal originates. If you would like a more exact estimate of the speeds you can expect, give us a call!

Landline Included

This service includes an analog telephone service. This is a true landline, not one requiring VoIP or depending on another device to function. We offer unlimited calling within the USA and for certain international calls.

No Contract

By signing up with LMi.net, you agree only to the first month of service and can choose to cancel at any time after that. There is also no required equipment rentals or the necessity of using our equipment. We offer a variety of options if you choose to use our equipment but you are free to choose to provide your own.

Plans and Pricing

No contracts here! We keep it simple so that you know what exactly what you’re signing up for.

PHLO+ Business

  • Speeds up to 50Mbps
  • Telephone service included
  • First priority for repairs to reduce downtime

*Special introductory pricing requires equipment rental agreement. Prices after first year or without equipment rental are as follows:

  Residential: $69.95/mo | Business $89.95/mo 

  Prices not including taxes and fees.

  PHLO Service Policies

Are there any taxes or fees?

Yes. There are taxes associated with all of our services as is the industry standard. Furthermore, there are fees required to maintain a phone line. Altogether we expect the taxes to come out to $13 per line.

Is there a fee for installation?
No, our installations are free, though additional labor charges may be incurred if you do not have or need to have new internal wiring installed.

Hardware Options

Option A - DSL Modem Only

For customers with their own wireless routers, you can get a simple ADSL2+/VDSL modem, which has a single Ethernet port for connecting to your router (or directly to a computer). Rented modem is warrantied as long you are maintain our equipment rental program.

Rental price: $6/mo

Option B - Dual-band modem/router Unit
For customers with larger homes, or who live in densely populated areas, our dual band 802.11ac router modem combo is a necessity. The 802.11ac wireless signal will have greater range than older 802.11n models, and the 2 wireless frequencies (2.4 and 5 Ghz) will help to avoid WiFi congestion. Our router is warrantied for as long you maintain our service and rental program.

Rental price: $9.50/mo.

Option C - Always-On WiFi
For the ultimate in complete wireless coverage throughout your entire home, our managed Always-On Wifi service is the way to go. We will come to your home and professionally install Ubiquity access points that we manage from LMi’s office. This gives you guaranteed coverage anywhere in your house. If there is an access problem that we cannot resolve remotely, we will come out and solve the problem as part of the service.

Click here for more information!

Option D - Provide Your Own

You are free to provide your own equipment for our PHLO+ service. Please note that our ability to support and troubleshoot may be limited on the device you select as well as your comfort with your chosen device.

Please note that our promotional pricing requires equipment rental and will be priced as follows:

  Residential: $69.95/mo | Business $89.95/mo 

  Prices not including taxes and fees.

Why should you pick LMi.net as your provider?

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“LMI has been wonderful from day 1.  They were able to book a tech to come install our service within a week of our order and the service worked perfectly without any repeat visits.”
Chris H.

We’re so pleased with the continuing good customer service we get from LMi. What a professional, responsive, courteous company. Three cheers!

Sarah D.

Both my mom and I have been LMi customers for about a year now. Both of us have been very happy with their service. No contract, no 30-day notice, no BS that many other companies give you.

Sean B.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will my connection be?
Your connection speed depends on several factors, but largely depends on how far you are from your local Central Office (CO). The upload speed on all single-line PHLO+ ADSL2+ circuits is 1 Mbps, and much faster with VDSL. Here is an estimate on what download speeds you can expect if you know how far you are from your local CO.

Distance ADSL2+ Download Speed VDSL Download Speed
1000 feet 16 to 20Mbps 30 to 50Mbps
2000 feet 15 to 19Mbps 20 to 40Mbps
3000 feet 14 to 18Mbps 16-25Mbps
4000 feet 12 to 16Mbps 12-18Mbps
5000 feet 10 to 14Mbps n/a
6000 feet 8 to 12Mbps n/a
7000 feet 6 to 10Mbps n/a
8000 feet 5 to 8Mbps n/a
9000 feet 4 to 7Mbps n/a
10,000 feet 2 to 4Mbps n/a
11,000 feet 1 to 3Mbps

(Not recommended)

12,000 feet + Too far. Will not work. n/a

In addition, your speeds will be affected by the quality of the telephone wiring inside your home.

For business dual-line bonded circuits, the download and upload speeds are doubled.

To get an estimate of how far away your home is, you can use our pre-qual tool.

What is involved in the installation?
If you are porting an existing AT&T land line over to PHLO+, then we do a “hot cut”, where your phone and Internet service get transferred over at a pre-determined time, so there is no significant down-time. You will need to get a new ADSL2+ modem from us, and then you can just plug it in after the hot cut happens. The hot cut generally take about 7 days to complete from the time the order is placed.

If you are installing a new line, then the process is a little more involved. First, we order a new line at your address, with an assigned phone number. This process takes about a week also. The line is delivered to the MPOE or phone box, usually on the side of your house.  Once the line has been provisioned, we send a technician out to your home to cross-connect the line from the MPOE to a jack inside your home, and then install the modem. This appointment will be scheduled at a time convenient to you.

Important note: We assume that there is a working telephone jack in your home that is wired to the building MPOE. If there was ever a working telephone using this jack, then it is probably a working jack. If there is not a working telephone jack, then you will need to have one installed before we can complete the installation. We also assume there there is electrical power near the phone jack so we can plug the DSL modem in.

Can I port over a non-AT&T land line number?
Yes. If you have a number with another provider (or if you have AT&T U-verse phone service), we can still port it. In this case, we install a new line with a temporary phone number. Once it has been installed, we can port over your existing number. The port will take an additional ten days or so to complete, so you will need to keep your existing phone service active until the port takes place.
Is this a VOIP phone service?
No. This a real, analog phone line. You get the same clear voice service you get with a regular land line. Plus, you can use any regular telephone. Voicemail, Caller ID, and 3 way calling are included. See our voice user guide for a list of features.
Will my new phone number be listed?
No. All new phone numbers are unlisted with directory assistance (411) and will not be printed in the White Pages. If you are porting over an existing telephone number that is listed, it will remain listed where it is currently.
Can I use my existing DSL modem?
If your modem supports ADSL2+ and PTM line encoding, then it should work (most DSL modems do not support PTM). Many modems used with the AT&T DSL network are designed to use PPPoE (which use a name and password to get online). These modems will NOT work with our service unless then can be re-configured. The modem must be able to act as a simple DSL bridge in order to work with our network.
Can I use my existing wireless router?
Yes. Although the DSL equipment we provide includes wireless access, you can turn our equipment into a bridge, and then connect your router to it. You may also setup your router as a wireless access point only, and use our equipment as the router.

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