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Update: This outage has been resolved. You may need to powercycle (unplug and plug back in the power cord) your modem and/or router to get back online.

Currently 45 cities across northern California are being affected by an outage affecting Legacy DSL customers. This is the DSL service delivered over an existing ATT landline.
ATT’s current estimated time of repair is 3/16. ATT is not transparent with the cause of this outage or the nature of the repair but as we know more, we’ll be updating our phone Network Status Message (extension 7) and our Website.
We can offer credit for your downtime. While we know this doesn’t solve your issue, let us know if you would like this credit applied to your account. We won’t be getting reimbursed by ATT, so this credit is coming directly from LMi.

We apologize for any hardship this outage has caused.