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UPDATE: Maintenance has been completed. We were able to straighten and secure the 2 fiber cables without needing to do any splice work.  Light levels look fine for all the customers so no bends in the fiber optic cable or anything significant from what we can see. There were no outages either during the repair. If you are experiencing issues, please let us know.


This morning (2/28/19), an unaffiliated underground construction crew working near the Albany central office inadvertently compromised our fiber conduit. The issue was identified before enough damage was done to cause customer outages, but we will have to perform significant work to properly repair the conduit and prevent any major outages. Tonight, starting at 10PM, our outside plant team will be performing extended maintenance through mid-morning Friday to repair this issue. All Phiber customers in Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito and Kensington may be impacted by this work for some portion of the maintenance window. We are working swiftly to resolve this issue, and apologize for the inconvenience to all affected customers.